School… already?!

As summer’s end is quickly approaching, I’ve got to tell you, I may be more anxious about the kids starting school than they are! We recently moved to a new state after being in the same area for nearly 11 years. I knew the principal of my kid’s elementary school for 6 years. I can name or at least tell you what every employee there looks like. I spent those 6 years on the PTA, volunteering at book fairs, chaperoning field trips, and making teacher’s and staff gifts, personalizing each one (how to manage multiple teachers will be in a future post). I was truly heartbroken leaving that school. The last time we all stepped foot out of there was like leaving a piece of myself behind. I love those individuals who work there and I applaud them for helping shape my oldest, who had been there since kindergarten, into the young woman she is becoming and for preparing her to enter the world of middle school. It saddens me to think the other two that attended last year, won’t even remember it when they’re older.

I worry for my rising middle schooler. Will she stress about not knowing a single person there? Will she be afraid she won’t fit in? Will she mix in with the wrong crowd? Will this school system challenge her enough? Will the AP classes be up to par with our old system? I can say from experience, having attended a new middle school when I didn’t know a soul there, I did make friends and found a crowd I fit in with. Some of the friends I made then are still my friends today. I don’t want my child to lose focus on what’s important and that is excelling and doing her very best. I’m sure my daughter will be just fine and I’m probably over thinking things. I’m just not ready for her to grow up yet!

My boys have each other. They’re only one grade apart, which will make their transition easier. They will adjust just fine. They are still young enough that starting over won’t affect them.

I just really hope that I fall in love with these schools like the last one. I pray the staff at both schools are just as wonderful as the last. I am looking forward to volunteering and being involved with all of the kids’ school functions and activities just like the previous years.

Life is about experiencing new, different things and meeting new people. I know in my heart this move was good for us all and the kids will see that eventually.

I hope that I have taught my children how to roll with the punches of life, to love and be comfortable with themselves. That in the long run, this is just a small snapshot of their lives, though they won’t fully understand that until they’re much older.

Have you had to move your children to another school district? How did they adjust? Please feel free to leave your comments and experiences below.

Cheers to hopefully another wonderful school year!


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