Penny Saving!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to save us both a little dough. Going to the grocery store with all five of my children without them fighting and/or throwing everything they see and want into my cart just isn’t going to happen. I also don’t want to walk through the store with AT LEAST one of them throwing a fit because I said they couldn’t have something. Ugh. So, to avoid all that crap, I’ve been doing online shopping with Wal-Mart’s online grocery pick up. It super easy and convenient. I can order everything we need and a few things the kids want, pick a time I want to pick my grocery up and guess what? No crying, no fighting (well except from the norm) and no headaches for mom yay! We all win.

Now, I came across this link when I was ordering and I elected to share this link with you all as well as my close friends and family.
This will save you $10 on a $50 or more purchase and of course pick up is free. Find a Wal-Mart grocery pick up near you and say “bye-bye” to traditional grocery shopping!

If there are any issues with the link, please let me know!

Please note: I am not affiliated with or making any profit from Wal-Mart by sharing this link with you. I will, however, earn $10 off as well. You can receive a link of your own and share with your friends and family too!

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