Get it together!

Having a tween girl can be challenging. Even more difficult is getting her to clean up her room! At times it seems like a constant battle to keep her organized that is until I stumbled upon this awesome book.P_20170723_161520.jpg

IMG_20170723_161119_678Not only has it helped her at home, but at school too! Since school is starting again soon, I’ve had my girl pull out this book to get prepared for staying organized for middle school. She is really excited to try the extreme locker makeover, another cool section in this book. I will post an update once we get the locker together. If your child could use help Getting it Together, you can find this book at Amazon. I’ve included the link below!


2 thoughts on “Get it together!

    1. You’re crafty so I’m sure you can help them get organized! I’ve started rewarding the kids when they clean up their rooms. For example, I’ll give them computer time, money, things I know they like or want. Parenting is freaking hard!!!


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